The coin bottle is slightly larger than the other options, shaped somewhat like a disc or coin and sits nicely on a desk or windowsill. The fluid inside is responsive to movement, swirl it around to watch the patterns or shake it thoroughly and set it down for several minutes of gentle glitterfall motion for visual soothing.



Calming Wave (Blue):

My Calming Wave potion captures the peaceful fractal patterns of waves hitting the shore, creating eddies and endlessly folding in on themselves. Like watching the ocean waves, this potion helps to center and calm you.


Firespirit (Red):

In many magical lands Firespirit potions are standard medical supplies for those who go adventuring. In your realm they don’t act quite the same way, but the ingredients resonate with the prime energies in a person to encourage health and healing.


Goldenbrew (Gold):

The main ingredient of this potion is ground dragonscale. Gold dragons are highly intelligent and take great pride in their analytical minds and want to share their intelligence and wisdom with humankind. Thus the scales used were shed during deep intellectual contemplation or debate.


Nature's Heart (Green):

One of my favourite potions to brew draws on the essence of being outside in nature, away from the hub-bub and busy-ness of the town and its crowds. 


Snow Dances (White): 

This potion invokes the magic of a crisp morning after a snowfall. The frost fairies have danced with the falling flakes, adding their magical sparkle across the pristine, white surface of the snow.


Snuggleblossom (Pink):

Hanging with your BFF, a hug from your mom, a boop from your kitty or tail-wag from your doggo. Use the snuggleblossom potion to invoke the warm, fuzzy feeling of being with your loved ones when you are feeling lonely.


Starry Dreams (Purple):

The Starry Dreams potion contains just the right amount of stardust and sleeping sand. The stardust in this formulation makes it particularly attuned to imagination and dreams. Gaze into the sparkles and let your mind drift, unshackled from the constraints of daily life for a brief moment and dream. 



These potion bottles can be used as simple ornaments or as sensory calming bottles for teens and adults. 


Each potion is hand-crafted and made of non-toxic materials. Potion bottles are glass and must be handled with care. They are sealed and are NOT intended to be opened.


Your potion may ‘breathe’ when exposed to warmer temperatures, if you see a small droplet anywhere on the cork just wipe it away. If there are persistent issues or actual leakage please contact me.

Large "Coin" Size

Cording Material around neck
  • This potion is NOT intended for ingestion. For best results hold the potion bottle and gently shake it, peer into the swirling depths. Continue to move your bottle around and see the shapes and eddies that form inside.

    Focus on your potion when you are feeling calm and happy to 'charge' it, then when you are stressed or upset you can gaze into it again to draw on the stored calming energy. 

    The potion is stored in a glass bottle which is, of course, fragile. These potions are not intended for small children and should be stored in a safe place where your familiar (especially if they are a cat) cannot knock it off the shelf!

    There are no toxic ingredients in this bottle, if you have any questions please send me a message and I'm happy to provide additional detail!