Fairies come in many forms and can be found in just about every realm that exists. Within the Great Encyclopaedia of Myrinisian Magical Creatures there is an entire chapter devoted to the fey. Now you , too, can own a page from this amazing ancient tome!


There is nothing a blue panda loves more than to find a comfy branch to lay on in the warm sunshine, unless maybe it’s playing with their friends. Ever curious and always up for a game, these little fuzzy fairies play hard and then sleep hard. They are drawn to joy and carefree abandon, so if you want to spot one you truly do need to dance like nobody is watching (of course they are watching, and if your dance looks like enough fun, they may even join you!).


Each print is hand-treated with coffee to give it an aged look. As an added bonus, your print may still smell slightly like coffee. After aging, each print is hand-embellished by the artist to bring out highlights and show that extra fairy 'flair'. 

Bumblebear Art Print