Welcome, traveller!

If you have found this page I suspect you have something to do with the great portal of Hal-Con in this year two-thousand and nineteen!

What is this webpage you've found after following a magical sigil? 

Well, let me explain!

On the day of October 25th my potion shop, which stands at a convergence of ley lines in the land of Myrinisia, will be transported to the grand city of Halifax during the annual cosmic event that has come 



to be known as Hal-Con. The shop will remain in your realm only until the third sunset and then will disappear!

During those three days the people of your realm will be able to browse my wares, but many of them will only be able to do that.


You are different!


You have the power to use that magical device you carry in your hand to see beyond the normal senses of your realm. To see a bit of magic!


For there are many magical creatures that make their homes in my shop. Most of them do not enjoy the sensation of being transported across realms and some of them are extremely shy. The shy ones will cloak themselves in illusion magic so they cannot be perceived by regular eyes. With your magical device activated you will be able to spot them (and since they know that only other magical creatures can see them, if you do spot one they will see you as a fellow magical friend!).

So come to my booth #702 at Hal-Con and use the QR code posted to teach your device the magical incantation that will allow you to use your device to look for hidden creatures! 

When you have found all the creatures, your device will lead you to a prize which you can claim from me!

Note that you can only claim this prize in person, so make sure you grab yours before the end of the convention!

UPDATE! We've been having problems with the app, so if you made it this far just let me know at the booth and you will still get your prize!

Currently Android users can download the app, go to agamacorp.com/zoopothecary (it is called HeartMachine). Or use this QR code -->

~ Panmeli

In the terms of your realm:

Follow the link to download an app made by Agama. This is an augmented-reality app that will allow you to use your phone or tablet as a 'viewfinder'. There are visual keys hidden in the backdrops of the booth which, when detected by the app, will come to life with an animated scene. 


If you have any questions please contact me at Pam@Zoopothecary.com